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You can be sure to order from a sustainable brand when you buy something at RADIAN. Find out what we do to reduce our impact on the environment and offer you a product produced to high ethical standards:

📍 Local production

Our products are manufactured in Europe, many of them in Germany, where we are based. This keeps our transport routes short.
The assembly of our jewelry is done exclusively in our own studio in Berlin.

🤖 Embracing innovation

We drastically reduce our waste during production by using innovative and computer-based highly efficient production methods.
Storage and overproduction can cause problems and cost a lot. We have chosen to produce in small batches and we can respond quickly to demand. We avoid the disposal of products and keep the environmental impact and total costs low, resulting in better prices for you!

🧑 Ethical manufacturing

All companies we work with pay their employees fairly and provide a safe working environment. No child labour - we believe in progress through education.

♻️ Recycling is key

We use recycled materials in all areas we can and push the limits to improve ourselves further. All our products can be fully recycled and we contribute to a special recycling program for our packaging.

👍 Harmless products

Our products are skin friendly and nickel free.
We select producers only in those countries where environmental protection plays a role.

🌿 CO2 compensation

For every order we pay an amount that offsets the CO2 footprint of shipping your order by protecting the Brazilian rainforest ("Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation" by Pachama"). 
Our office runs on eco-power and we have chosen a provider protecting rainforest areas in Ecuador ("GEO schützt den Regenwald e.V.", Intag-Region, Imbabura).

🌟 Products that last

High quality and the fulfillment of ambitious production standards ensure the longevity of our products.
Single parts of our jewelry can be replaced or refurbished. After a certain period of time, sings of wearing on your jewelry are normal. If you want to renew a rub-off part or a gold plating, we are there you help you and make it look like new again!

Establishing a sustainable brand is not always easy, but we believe in the core value of sustainability and consider it crucial for any brand in the long run. We will spare no effort to constantly improve and deliver you products that you can be proud of.

Your team RADIAN