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Go Big with RADIAN 3D Printed Bracelets

You are longing for something more than just a normal, timid version of a bracelet? You want it all - an artistic fashion statement that matches your everyday outfits? A real one-fits-all, but with a big, big twist? Look no further! Our Solitaire 3D printed bracelets are unique architectural beauties that make your dreams come reality. And because we know you love a good selection: we offer them in vivid colors and black as well as in noble steel with three different surface finishes such as gold plating. Choose the one that suits your style!

Add Some Color to Your Wrist

If you are into colors and you like big jewelry, we have some large cuff bracelets for you that fulfill your wishes! Be it canary yellow, juicy orange, coral red, hot pink, ultra violet, royal blue, forest green or deep black: there’s the perfect one waiting just for you. Our colorful bracelets are made of nylon, which is some kind of a miracle material – extremely light, yet very flexible and strong. The surface is soft and has a slightly grainy, paper-like appearance which feels very good on your skin. Color is your friend, now its only up to you to decide!

3D Printed Bracelets Directly from Berlin

We like the creative adventure and the possibilities 3D printing offers us. Since 2012, we've been dedicated to the latest technologies and how they can change the way we design and produce contemporary fashion accessories. We love to discover and develop new structures and shapes. To challenge the ways how bracelets can actually look. There is nothing better than the moment when an idea leaves the digital realm and comes to life. Our label RADIAN stands for artistic statement pieces created in Berlin. We ship all our orders directly from our studio to design and art lovers, museum shops and concept stores around the globe.

Our 3D printed bracelets, rings and necklaces are fashionable pieces – but far away from being fast fashion. Apart from offering you outstanding aesthetic and conceptual jewelry, one of our main goals is to establish a sustainable brand. We value high quality materials that are made to last and work only with professionals in their fields to achieve this goal and make you a little happier wearing one of our designs.