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3D Printed Rings: Going Treasure Hunting

Well, nothing against diamonds. But today, there are other and maybe more contemporary ways to make an eye-catching statement. Just take a look at our 3D printed rings, for example. Each one looks like a handpicked gem. And surely every single ring is one! Yet, it does not have to cost a fortune. And it does not have to literally come out of the mines. So this time, just leave the treasure hunting to our designers. Trust them to make dramatic aesthetics come to life. The rest is pure magic – or rather: a good amount of state-of-the-art technology. But isn’t that kind of magic, too?

From Cyberpunk to Gold and Titanium

Browsing through our collections, you will discover futuristic cyberpunk jewelry and exciting beauties. Neon pink, yellow and orange rings like in our Egyptian Nefertiti jewelry collection, inspired by ancient infinite beauty. Precious companions as our rosegold Crystal ring, sparkling like no other. Or the Calyx ring, named after a part of the blossom of a flower. Similar to its counterpart in nature, our Calyx ring is also available in many different finishes and appearances. And let us also mention the most sophisticated of our 3D printed rings: our Solitaire statement ring made of ultra durable titanium.

About RADIAN. 3D Printed Rings Created in Berlin

When we started designing our 3D printed jewelry collections, there was but one goal: we wanted to develop rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that were different from what was already there. Pieces that stood out of the crowd. And as we celebrate good architecture and compelling graphic design as much as we admire 3D printing technologies, contemporary crafts and fashion, we combined our passions and gave them a new name: RADIAN.

High-class Rings for Art Lovers

Since our beginning in 2012, RADIAN stands for conceptual jewelry that is really unique, sustainably produced and of high quality. Witty, yet extremely adoptable. Browsing through our list of international boutiques, concept stores and art spaces, you will notice that many museum shops have fallen in love with RADIAN’s jewelry collections. It is the conceptual depth and versatility of our jewelry that has won over not only the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Our 3D printed rings come in many standard sizes and we can manufacture any size you need – just let us know. If you wish, you can even order your custom-made engagement rings at RADIAN.