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A Proven Tradition With a Fresh Approach

Did you know that earrings are among the oldest known pieces of jewelry? Even the Sumerian people, as the oldest known high culture, were known for wearing these popular fashion statement. That was over 4500 years ago! Piercing your ears counts as one of the oldest forms of body modification. Considering this ancient tradition, it is not surprising that earrings are still among the most popular kind of jewelry. Now take this tradition and enrich it with things you love – state-of-the-art technologies, conceptual depth, strong aesthetics and an architectural twist, et voilà: a pair of RADIAN 3D printed earrings, made to please your personality and complete your outfit.

The Contemporary Way to Express Yourself

Diamonds, pearls and creoles are indeed nice, but have you taken a look at Pit, Calyx and Solitaire? Our 3D printed earrings are an exciting new approach to the good old tradition of ear adornment. These days it can be hard to step out of line and make a real fashion statement. Then try our Solitaire earrings for a change, our versatile all-rounder: made from nylon, an ultra light, flexible, yet resistant material and dyed in the brightest, most vibrant colors. Choose your favorite!

3D Printed Fashion Statements

Each of RADIAN’s collections comes with its own story. Take our beautifully crafted black drop earrings of the Calyx collection, for example: they are named after the leaf-like structures that protect and support a plant's flower during growth. Inspired by the intelligent and organic design of the calyx and the hidden secret inside, we have transformed this concept into a range of statement accessories. Our 3D printed earrings from the Calyx collection are made of different materials such as nylon and steel and are also available as 925 silver drop earrings. As a charming surprise, the black versions shows a 3D printed faceted abstract gem – just as the the calyx reveals a blossom when the time is just perfectly right.

Our gold architectural earrings from the Pit collection, on the other hand, pay tribute to the extraction of metal ores out of our earth’s crust. During the mining process, the landscape is shaped and modified by humans. The entire Pit collection not only shows the result of this process, but also reminds us to treat our planet with respect and to be graceful for what it offers us. Conceptually, the subtractive process of ore extraction is in stark contrast to the additive manufacturing technique (adding the material layer by layer) used to produce our Pit earrings, ring and necklace.