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The Sky is the Limit

With its almost endless possibilities, 3D printed jewelry inspires us every day anew. We as RADIAN would like to pass this enthusiasm on to you: let our creations inspire you and take a touch of Berlin into the world. Lose yourself in daring structures and fall in love with geometric beauties that seem to be from another world.

Cubetwist, Solitaire and Nefertiti: Browse our Collections

RADIAN 3D printed jewelry is always straight forward but comes with a twist. We love to create artistic pieces with a unique look and feel. Intricate, edgy and organic. Each collection has its very own, unique character. And yet you can always tell that it was designed in our Berlin studio and manufactured using the latest technology. If you love cubic shapes, make sure to take a look at our Cubetwist collection: a strongly cubic pattern gets carefully twisted and bended, just enough to make the edges of the metal reflect the light from any direction looking at it. All versions of the Cubetwist necklace are 3D printed in steel and a 24 carat gold plating guarantees a stunning sheen which attracts the eyes. 

For our Solitaire collection, we combine traditional handicraft techniques with sophisticated methods of production. Geometric and angular struts represents the facets and reflections of a gemstone. Whether in nylon, steel or sterling silver, the result is a ring that reminds of the classy beauty of a traditional Solitaire, but created with a contemporary approach. If you still think that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, well, make sure to take a look at our Solitaires! When we speak of breathtaking beauty, let us also talk about our Nefertiti collection: what kind of jewelry would the ancient Egyptians have created using 21st century production methods? You will find some possible answers in our mystical pyramid rings and the majestic Nefertiti necklace inspired by the holy scarab beetle.

Technology Meets Fashion

We have been working with 3D printing since 2012 and still feel the magic in it. Even if we have been in the process of designing and making artistic statement jewelry so many times, the result of each piece surprises us anew. We work with digital technologies which offer tremendous potential. But still, you needs one or two good ideas, right? A keen sense for arts and fashion cannot hurt either. So while our manufacturing process remains the same, each of our collections becomes a unique interpretation of a concept and a modern, contemporary fashion piece.

With its nearly unlimited freedom to design, digital fabrication enables us to create 3D printed jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings you have never seen before. We strongly believe that computational design and realization is the future of contemporary jewelry. A future you can get a taste of – even today.

Sustainable 3D Printed Jewelry

We are convinced that a business idea can only be successful today if it is based on sustainability. Our 3D printed jewelry meets this requirement through a variety of factors. We produce in Europe, which means short transport routes during production. Also, storage and the creation of surplus goods is reduced to a minimum and we can quickly react to your demands or individual design wishes. On our Sustainability page you can find out what else we do to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint and to be a sustainable brand. For a good feeling when wearing our jewelry – and for a better tomorrow.