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Precious eye-catchers

It may not surprise you that necklaces are among the oldest pieces of jewelry in the history of mankind. If you like your fashion statements big, you are certainly not alone. In the past, large necklaces made of the most precious materials, used in abundance and handmade only for those with great wealth, were the ultimate symbol of power. Often the jewelry was even said to have magical powers! And today? There is good news: you can enjoy all this tradition, beauty and charm without having to be queen or king (but if you happen to be one, you are of course welcome to wear a RADIAN necklace, too!). Bringing this ancient tradition to the next level and adding a very contemporary approach to it, makes our 3D printed necklaces so extraordinary. You can’t deny the silver geometric necklace from the Solitaire collection has something magic about it!

Adding Some Fashion Drama

If you want to draw everyone’s attention, there is no better way to go than wearing a stunning necklace. When you adorn yourself with one of our artistic statement pieces, chances are that you will be the talk of the town on this evening or at a party. But of course, you can also wear our 3D printed necklaces in broad daylight – adding the certain extra or dramatic twist to your outfit. From intensely colorful, Egyptian-inspired ornaments to beautifully shaped and twisted architectural structures, there is a perfect match for every fashion personality in our collections. Every single necklace is a sophisticated piece of jewelry, thoughtfully designed and crafted in our RADIAN studio in Berlin.

Nefertiti, Pit, Cubetwist and Solitaire

Get an impression of our collections: each one comes with a unique character and its own story. For example, let us tell you something about the Nefertiti collection named after an ancient Egyptian Queen. We asked ourselves: what would people have done thousands of years ago with the technology we have today? We like to think it could have been one of these breathtaking 3D printed necklaces which abstracts the shape of the holy scarab beetle. It is printed all in one piece, movable links included. A majestic work of art and a jewel that the pharaohs would be proud of!

Speaking of “ancient”, we should also mention our architectural jewelry collection Pit: the golden rectangular pendant depicts the process of extracting metal ores out of the earth’s crust. Just like archaeologists who recover treasures, or architects who work on a project, human actions shape the landscape. Layer by layer the pit gets deeper – and layer by layer our architectural necklace becomes reality.

If you prefer basic and minimal shapes, look out for the Cubetwist, our gold geometric necklace with its twisted cubic form (for those who like it more eccentric, get a geometric double necklace!).

And last but not least, when we talk about 3D printed necklaces, our statement jewelry collection Solitaire should not be missing. Our classic among our necklaces is available in various materials such as steel and silver with surfaces ranging from matte to glossy. Even if the decision is hard, secretly you already have your favorite piece in mind, right?